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By Christopher Gunn and Van Alencer

In an angelic kingdom facing dissension, two princes use the military to battle each other over dominion and the love of their father, all infused with a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.

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By Christopher Gunn and Thej Yhome

During an MMORPG’s final week, a whimsical gamer must inspire her misfit guild to complete an impossible checklist of achievements, guaranteeing  their access to an ongoing private server.


About Ameri-Can Gaijin Studio

Christopher Gunn creates under the banner Ameri-Can Gaijin Studio. He is a writer/(semi)artist creating manga-style comics. He currently lives in Toronto, ON, Canada though is originally from Columbus, GA, U.S.A. Christopher also works with artists from all across the globe, including Chile, India, Japan, and The Philippines.   


He has self-published two and a half stories to date, all on Tapas (formerly Tapastic), since beginning writing in early 2015. He is currently working with Elmer Damaso on a reboot of Tumbleweed Vagrant


Aside from his work, Christopher is a huge anime nerd, MMA junkie, MMORPG fanatic, and freshly imported Torontonian. He is a grandfather (36 yrs. as of 2018), step-father, and husband. It is also worth mentioning he and his grandson watch anime together. Their favorite series are anything Dragon Ball (original, Z, Super), My Hero Academia, and Avatar: TLA – the last of which they regularly watch with Baba. 


Ameri-Can Gaijin Studio

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