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By Chris Gunn and Van Alencer

In an angelic kingdom facing dissension, two princes use the military to battle each other over dominion and the love of their father, all infused with a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.

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By Chris Gunn and Thej Yhome

During an MMORPG’s final week, a whimsical gamer must inspire her misfit guild to complete an impossible checklist of achievements, guaranteeing  their access to an ongoing private server.

Tumbleweed Vagrant

By Chris Gunn and Elmer Damaso


Say who, now?

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"1GNN/Gunntopher," called Chris or Gunn irl, is an artist and storyteller from Columbus, GA . Japanese manga and anime, hip-hop, film and comics combine to form- Captain 1GNN!... or the concrete of his creative foundations. Gunn self-published three webcomics, beginning in 2014, over 5-6 years, alongside artists from Chile, India, Japan, and The Philippines. He is also a current university student. His other areas of interest include: Video games, MMA, Games Workshop, history, and mythology.